Business Risk Intelligence Decision Report

2016 Year in Review and 2017 Flashpoints


Risk management underpins every strategic decision at large commercial and government enterprises. Boards of directors establish the risk appetite for a particular organization, and this can vary widely amongst organizations. Effective risk decision-making requires the ability to assess emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impact accurately, all while accounting for existing mitigations.

The paper provides the following guidance:

  • • Flashpoint’s “capability” and “potential impact” scales for cyber actors
  • • 2017 “Flashpoints,” or bellwethers, potential trigger points as key indicators when major shifts may occur in the cyber threat environment
  • • 2016 trends and indicators, based on nation states, disruptive actors, cyber criminals, hacktivists and jihadi cyber actors

Insights gleaned from this report can support intelligence teams with risk concerns that could impact board level discussions.

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