Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Finished Intelligence Experience Empowers Organizations to Make More Effective Risk Decisions


Flashpoint Intelligence PlatformFlashpoint’s finished intelligence experience can help organizations assess emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts accurately to make more effective decisions while evaluating cyber, fraud, and physical security risks.

Flashpoint Intelligence Platform includes:

• Finished Intelligence Experience: Access both our finished intelligence reports and original primary source data used by our experts to create those reports. Not only will customers save time and resources in monitoring the Deep & Dark Web, but organizations will also be better informed and protected without taking on any additional risk.

• Deep & Dark Web Search: Universally search across all of Flashpoint’s DDW data and run the same searches our analysts do for their investigations. This access empowers users to investigate the DDW safely and gain greater context around any information they might need and draw their own conclusions.

• Intuitive Pivoting: Browse or search reports, then click directly into a sanitized copy of the original threat actor conversation. Assess emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts to accurately make risk-informed decisions based on business needs.

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