Flashpoint Case Study: Aflac

Insurance Leader Leverages Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) from the Deep & Dark Web to Combat Fraud and Cybercrime


The Aflac Challenge

Aflac’s top priority is to remain as informed and protected from potential threats and vulnerabilities as possible. However, the company’s global workforce, access to sensitive data, and unparalleled commitment to customer support make Aflac an appealing target for fraudsters and cybercriminals. 

This Case Study Examines the Following:

  • • The Aflac strategy for addressing rapidly-changing cyber threats
  • • Aflac’s decision to work with a threat intelligence vendor
  • • How BRI from the Deep & Dark Web protects Aflac’s bottom line
  • • The value and ROI provided by Flashpoint

“This type of proactive mitigation has been invaluable because it really affects the bottom line across the entire company.”                       - DJ Goldsworthy, Senior Manager of Threat and Vulnerability Management at Aflac.

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