New Innovations on The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Flashpoint Strengthens Intelligence Platform with New Dashboards and Analytics, Expanded Collections and Tailored Alerting by Industry.


The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform grants access to our archive of finished intelligence reports, as well as our data from illicit forums, marketplaces, chat services, paste sites, technical indicators, card and account shops, and vulnerabilities.

New enhancements include:
• Common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) dashboard
• Card Shops dashboard
• Expanded datasets from illicit communities
• Industry alerting

Request a meeting with one of our intelligence experts.

Request a meeting with one of our experts


"As a long-time Flashpoint customer, I have seen many iterations of the company’s platform, technology, and collections. This is by far the largest leap that the Flashpoint team has taken in terms of expanding its datasets and making intelligence more consumable, and it did so while holding true to its vision of bringing BRI to diverse teams across an enterprise. "

- Jim Nelms, Chief Information Security Officer at LapCorp -

"Our transition to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform was seamless. In this finished intelligence product, what differentiates Flashpoint is its ability to pivot from reports directly into the actor conversation and take the story 10 times deeper. We can see more about what we care about, such as conversations about us, our clients, other companies; you get to the raw intelligence itself, which no one else lets you do. "

- Threat Analyst, Large Financial Services Sector Company -