Professional Services: Executive Exposure Reports

A comprehensive evaluation of risk exposure and threats on the DDW and open web targeting executives.


As part of Flashpoint’s Professional Service (FPS) offering, EERs enable organizations and security professionals to plan and prepare for security risk to their executives where they may have limited or no visibility into the DDW, as well as the open web. This information provides organizations the necessary insight into threats and information that could be used to target their executives.Professional Services: Executive Exposure Reports

Core benefits:

• Tailored service to meet each organization’s unique needs based on specific executive requirements and exposure

• Gain additional exposure and credibility within the executive ranks of your organization

• Includes overall threats and exposure from executive’s digital footprint based on available intelligence

• Beneficial for organizations of all sizes, from newly established security teams to fully integrated global intelligence teams and fusion centers

• Assist teams with limited resources and time to conduct research on their executives

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