The Threat Response & Readiness Subscription is a planning and preparedness service that helps companies plan for, assess, and respond to a ransomware or cyber extortion event. This service includes data collections, threat actor research, and threat actor engagement, all of which are provided by Flashpoint's robust technology, multilingual intelligence analyst expertise, and highly experienced Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) team. 

Subscription also includes:

•  Access to cryptocurrency: If necessary, Flashpoint will procure cryptocurrency on behalf of your organization.

•  One half-day ransomware workshop: This interactive workshop will educate your team on ransomware and provide additional information tailored to your organization and vertical.

•  One half-day Tabletop Exercises (TTX): By simulating real-world scenarios, these exercises will enable your team to plan and prepare for a potential ransomware or cyber extortion event.

•  FPS hours at a reduced rate: Hours for additional FPS services are available for purchase at a reduced rate.

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