As part of the Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) Threat Response & Readiness Subscription, Ransomware Workshops are provided to help companies understand, prepare, and educate in the event of a ransomware or cyber extortion attack. Participants will have a hands-on approach to the anatomy of an attack, from understanding the technical aspects, to the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) affiliated with ransomware campaigns and actors. This workshop covers the full lifecycle of a ransomware campaign and the situations organizations must consider in order to successfully respond.

Key benefits:

•  Prepare in advance of an incident with training and education to create policies that best fit your organization.

•  Create a plan of action across all teams and departments to ensure readiness in the event of an attack.

•  Understand the ransomware threat landscape relevant to your organization.

•  Educate internal teams on best practices and strategies for implementing proactive solutions.

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