Strategic Partner Network: ThreatConnect Integration

The ThreatConnect Platform was specifically designed to help users understand adversaries, automate workflows, and mitigate threats faster using threat intelligence.


Flashpoint Strategic Partner Network: Flashpoint & ThreatConnect integration

By leveraging insights from the Deep & Dark Web (DDW), Flashpoint delivers Business Risk Intelligence which empowers business units and functions across organizations with a decision advantage over areas like cybersecurity, fraud, insider threats, physical security, and M&A.

This solution leverages data from the DDW safely to supplement investigations with targeted data from highly curated sources, making it available in a single platform. It provides organizations with a strategic advantage when analyzing its data, and amplifies the powers of their security infrastructure.

Key Features:

• Enhanced Detection

 Collective Analytics Layer

• Automated, Configurable Playbooks

• Indicator Threat Voting

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