Evolution of Business Risk Intelligence with Flashpoint

Enterprise Strategy Group Solutions Showcase


CISOs recognize the value and continue to invest in threat intelligence to improve incident detection, accelerate response, and automate remediation. Unfortunately, many struggle to realize the true potential of threat intelligence. Flashpoint can help organizations evolve from tactical threat intelligence to strategic Business Risk Intelligence (BRI), which addresses cybersecurity, IT, physical security, fraud, third-party, and insider threats. Applying threat intelligence to the entire business ecosystem can optimize return on investment while strengthening cybersecurity and mitigating risk.

This Enterprise Strategy Group Solutions Showcase Provides:
• Overview of the current state of threat intelligence
• Challenges of operationalizing and automating threat intel 
• Evolution of threat intelligence to Business Risk Intelligence

“Flashpoint continues to grow its intelligence capabilities to address more than just traditional cybersecurity and IT threats. Organizations looking to evolve from tactical cybersecurity threat intelligence programs to strategic business risk intelligence programs would be smart to take a closer look at Flashpoint.”


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