About the report

The thriving cybercrime economy of vendors hawking illicit offerings on underground marketplaces grants fledgling threat actors access to resources that reduce barriers to entry for crimes ranging from payment card fraud and identity theft to various types of cyber attacks.

Context is at the core of any defense strategy, and insight into what resources are available to adversaries at what cost is essential for understanding what you’re up against.

Pricing Analysis of Goods in Cybercrime Communities details pricing trends around the following illicit offerings:

   •   DDoS-for-hire services
   •   Exploit kits
   •   Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access
   •   Personally identifiable information (PII)
   •   Fake U.S. passports and driver’s licenses
   •   Payment card data
   •   Access to bank accounts

For the full Flashpoint analysis, download the report.