Business Risk Intelligence for Retail

How Retailers Leverage Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) from the Deep & Dark Web


For years, cybercriminals have targeted retailers as a means of capitalizing on consumers’ personal and payment information. However, the threat landscape is evolving. As more cybercriminals shift their targets from retail consumers to retailers themselves, emerging cyber threats are yielding challenges across the sector. 

Flashpoint Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) derived from the Deep & Dark Web empowers retailers to bolster security, inform decisions, gain visibility of relevant threats and actors, and mitigate risk.

The retail sector use cases within this report address:Retail Sector

 • Supply Chain Security
 • Fraud
 • Ransomware
 • The Role of the Deep & Dark Web

Flashpoint is proud to work with numerous sector leaders including three of the top ten U.S. retailers.

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