Flash Talk: Deep & Dark Web Connectors

Flash Talks is an exclusive Flashpoint speaker series where our analysts share insights from the Deep & Dark Web and examine today's increasingly complex threat landscape.



Flashpoint defines "connectors" as individuals who interact on Deep & Dark Web forums maintained outside of their country of residence, making efforts to communicate outside their native language in order to obtain and import knowledge and tools back to their native communities.

During this 12-minute talk titled, "The Interconnected Nature of International Cybercrime", Senior Analyst Ian Gray will analyze the trend of connectors and provide an example through the threat actor "Flokibot", who is known to connect with Brazilian, English and Russian cybercrime communities through the production and export of point-of-sale malware.

Ian Gray
Senior Analyst, Cyber | Americas

*This Flash Talk was recorded on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

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