Flash Talk: Russian Ban on Anonymizing Services

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The Russian government has introduced new laws and policies to monitor, control and limit internet activity within Russia, ostensibly as a security measure. The new restrictions are unlikely to have a significant effect on the activities of cybercriminals and Russia is likely to remain a hotspot for hackers and a testing ground for new TTPs. Russia’s internet crackdown, however, may impact foreign businesses if the government attempts to further emulate China’s model of internet security.

Topics covered will include:
 •  Russia's Yarovaya Act, internet messaging law, and law banning anonymizing services
 •  Russian cybercriminal techniques for maintaining business-as-usual despite stricter laws governing internet use
 •  Reactions to China's internet crackdown and Russia's potential roadmap for increasing internet security

Kathleen Weinberger
Cybercrime Analyst, Europe

*This Flash Talk was recorded and shared live with Flashpoint customers on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

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