Flash Talk: Empire Market

Flash Talks is an exclusive Flashpoint speaker series during which our analysts share insights gleaned from global cyber and physical landscapes.



Following the international law enforcement takedown of AlphaBay Market in July 2017, the largest dark web marketplace at the time, the cybercriminal underground has searched for a new all-encompassing marketplace on which to purchase and sell illicit goods. In an environment plagued with fear, uncertainty, and doubt from scammers and law enforcement, Empire Market has emerged as the heir apparent to AlphaBay.

Empire Market is an apparent copy of AlphaBay, sharing a website design, and similar user experience. The user base of Empire Market has doubled, increasing from approximately 3,000 listings in April 2018 to over 6,000 listings in July 2018. Flashpoint analysts have observed reputable vendors that had previously listed illicit goods on AlphaBay and other marketplaces, conducting business on Empire Market. This Flash Talk will highlight the growth of Empire Market, how it is filling a void in the cybercrime landscape, and learning from the operational security gaps which contributed to AlphaBay’s takedown.

Carles Lopez

*This Flash Talk was recorded on Thursday, September 20, 2018.

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