Use Case-Driven Intelligence

What’s the best intelligence program for your organization?


Flashpoint introduces a new use-case driven approach to our packaged solutions that allows organizations to more effectively consume and automate threat intelligence. These offereings support traditional cybersecurity and operations use cases, as well as fraud, insider threat, corporate security, and third-party risk.

Flashpoint delivers these products and services in several progressive packages, tailored to an organization’s size, industry, and teams.

Request a meeting with a Flashpoint expert to learn the best fit for your organization.

Request a meeting with us to learn the best fit for your organization.


"Organizations and teams across every industry are having to assess and address a larger number of potential threats than ever before. It is incredibly important to use a wide variety of unique data sources when evaluating these threats, but the true benefit of having a partner like Flashpoint is its ability to help us understand how we can immediately action them. "

- Michael Antico, Chief Information Security Officer of a biometric company -


"Flashpoint stands alone when it comes to the diversity of its offerings, and the way that it can support different types of organizations, industries, and teams, in assessing and addressing their intelligence requirements."

- DJ Goldsworthy, Director of Security Operations and Threat Management at Aflac -