Flashpoint - 90 Day Access Request for RH-ISAC Members

An RH-ISAC Associate Member since 2016, Flashpoint is dedicated to the overall mission of the RH-ISAC in helping to mitigate cyber and physical security risks across the retail and hospitality industries on a daily basis. Over the years, we have partnered with the RH-ISAC to provide actionable intelligence regarding criminal threat actors and other valuable cybersecurity insights. As the RH-ISAC Associate Member of the Year for 2020, we are committed to leading the way in providing value to all Core Members -- and strengthening our partnership.

In this vein, we have partnered with RH-ISAC to provide the following offering to the great organizations that have joined together in the RH-ISAC mission. Flashpoint would like to extend free access to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform for all RH-ISAC members for 90 days. Additionally, given the sensitivities around physical security issues and related organizational needs, when requested, Flashpoint has the ability to support physical security, business continuity and resilience, trust and safety, and executive protection teams within an isolated environment, independent of existing cybersecurity teams and their programs.

With this access, Flashpoint will support users to:

To get started, please complete the form to request access.

Please provide the contact information of the primary user, as well as the primary email domain to be monitored. An additional user can be requested directly but is optional.


Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Access to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform including:

* Access to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform is enabled immediately upon completion of a no-cost order/subscription agreement, with access for 90 days from activation. If your team would like to discuss these solutions further, Flashpoint will partner with you to understand your priorities and recommend an appropriate solution.