Free Access to Flashpoint’s Latest Threat Intel on Ukraine

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, the United States (and other governments) are urging companies to harden their cyber defenses immediately and explicitly named CISA’s Shields Up campaign as the best way to do so. Looking back on previous Russian cyber attacks, there is a real chance that organizations outside of Ukraine could become collateral damage.

In this time of crisis, Flashpoint’s free 30-day trial of our threat and vulnerability intelligence is the best way to monitor your cyber risk in real-time to stay one-step ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Trial members will get access to Flashpoint’s Intelligence Platform and VulnDB (from recently acquired Risk Based Security) to:

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Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

* Access to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform is enabled immediately upon completion of a no-cost order/subscription agreement, with access for the maximum of 30 days from activation. If your team would like to discuss these solutions further and needs more time to evaluate the offering, Flashpoint will partner with you to understand your priorities and recommend an appropriate solution.