Choosing the right threat intelligence vendor is in many ways like finding a needle in a haystack. There are virtually countless vendors and seemingly endless intelligence offerings. Given these conditions, even the most tenured professionals can easily lose sight of their organization’s needs and, more importantly, how to assess which vendor or offering is best suited for those needs.

On November 6, 2018, Thomas Hofmann, vice president of intelligence at Flashpoint, and guest Josh Zelonis, senior analyst at Forrester, discussed this challenge, how buyers can best assess threat intelligence solutions, and what components go into an effective strategy, including:

  •    • Why collection strategies are a big differentiator among vendors

  •    • How high-confidence intelligence requires access to private cybercrime forums/communities

  •    • How finished intelligence is suited for addressing business risk

Zelonis and Hofmann also discussed Forrester’s recent evaluation of the emerging marketing external threat intelligence.

About the guest speaker

Josh Zelonis, senior analyst at Forrester, serving Security & Risk Professionals

Josh Zelonis is a senior analyst at Forrester, serving Security & Risk Professionals. He covers security architecture and operations, with a focus on cyberthreat intelligence, detection, and response. In this role, he helps clients continuously adapt their architecture, policies, and processes to evolving threats while also developing robust incident response capabilities that limit the impact of breaches. His research focuses on threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment/management, malware analysis, and incident response.

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