How The Carding Landscape Has Evolved: From Key Collections to Pandemic Implications

As defenders learn more about credit card fraud and how threat actors are proliferating their schemes, cybercriminals must evolve their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). And as we face an unprecedented pandemic across the globe, we must consider how that impacts the credit card fraud market, card shops, and other illicit communities.

Flashpoint’s Ian Gray will dive into collections from card shops like Joker’s Stash, marketplaces like Genesis, and other collections where the tools to commit credit card fraud proliferate to see how these communities have evolved to continue their schemes.

He’ll also review what is needed from malicious threat actors to card and how intelligence from the right sources can help combat these crimes like account takeover (ATO).

Presented by: 

- Ian Gray, Director of Intelligence

- Mike Smola, Director, Risk Intelligence Strategy